AdaptiveTheme an easy way to create themes

Posted by Juan Santovenia on October 7, 2016
Strategy & Architecture

One of the most important elements when developing a site is the look we want the site to have. Design or appearance of a site is not the forte of many. But thanks to a simple AdaptiveTheme theme, you have the alternative to get creative.

To use this theme we download AdaptiveTheme and place it in the directory / themes / , also we  need to download and enable AT Tools module. We can do this easily with Drush, through the drush command  drush en -y at_tools . This will allow us, among other things to create new themes or sub-themes and select a variety of features for these.

Theme Generator

When creating our theme we can select the features that we want to use either for immediate implementation or for future improvements.

Theme Features

Here's the result of our creativity:

Install theme page

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AdaptiveTheme an easy way to create themes