Test Drupal 8 site using Probo.CI

Posted by Ada Hernández on August 15, 2016
Strategy & Architecture

Let me share some examples of how to create a .probo.yaml file for a standard Drupal 8 using Github from my experience with Probo.CI. To create an account in Probo.CI, follow the steps listed below.  Probo.CI gives us some examples, as well as full documentation of their plugins and the parameters available for them.  But those examples are based on Drupal 7.

For Drupal 8, follow these steps.  First sanitize the database, compress it and send it to the CI Probo.  Then prepare to create your .probo.yaml file to send to your GitHub repository.

Example yaml #1
This is a basic site with its configurations:


Example yaml #2

A site using composer to add dependencies for our project and that uses a sub-directory docroot called /web:


Example yaml #3

In this last example I will show you the use of the Stage File Proxy model that is very useful to obtain the media of your site that already exists:



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Test Drupal 8 site using Probo.CI