Running custom migrations via a Web UI

Posted by Edys Meza on September 28, 2017
Migration & Upgrades

The Migrate API is almost stable and the majority of its basic functions and ways that folks interface with it are are to see the state of a migration, execute (import) a migration, or revert (rollback) a migration. However, until now, you had to do all this via a command line interface (Drush or Drupal Console). The community has been working hard to get all these functions to run through a web user interface (UI).

Here we'll discuss some of the various options for running a migration via a web UI. There are several options that we are aware in various levels of stability.

Running migrations through the UI is an issue in the queue for Migrate Tools. This implements the most basic of basics. Import and revert migrations. This provides a UI similar to what was available in Drupal 7 contrib-land. It only needs a little work left, principally automated tests.

Migrate Source UI is a sandbox project that lets you execute migrations for JSON, CSV or XML source. The important component of this project, it let's you upload the file source (JSON, CSV, XML) and uses it when executing the migration. This is important when you need to update the source data and simply want to upload the new version and import.

Migration Mapper is a module that let's you generate the templates of a migration and uses as its source a CSV or JSON file.

There are many options that are in process. And this is good for the future of migrations into Drupal 8. In each of the cases of the above modules, we'd like to eventually unite the work into a Migrate Tools. So we have a single place to run and interact with our migrations. Come join us in the issue queue and leave your opinions about how we can unite this fragmented space.

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Running custom migrations via a Web UI